KRASS Certification

In order to ensure the quality of peat products and the use of bogs as environmentally friendly as possible, the Association has developed and introduced an extraction site and plant certification system (KRASS).

KRASS certificate aims to improve quality of bog production and to promote rational, as environmentally friendly as possible peat extraction, processing and transportation according to current requirements within the European Union and Latvia.

KRASS Certification Committee, composed of experienced professionals, carry out inspection of peat extraction site and drainage systems – certification. The following criteria are being assessed:

  • general requirements (compliance with license conditions; adequate quality of bog raw materials; hydrometric works, regular surveying of extraction site; extraction sites, etc.);
  • environmental protection requirements (the surrounding area of extraction site, water landscapes and animal protection from the impact of peat-related structures and adverse effects of the processes. Rational use of peat stocks);
  • fire safety requirements (protection of the extraction site and the adjacent area from fire);
  • protection from weeds (refers only on extraction sites from which extracted peat is used in horticulture);
  • stump amount in the upper layer of sediment;
  • deviation of strip ditches;
  • water level in the strip ditches;
  • stump amount in the development layer;
  • free water runoff, surface conditions of strip ditches.

If also your company wants to certify the peat production site or receive more detailed information about certification, please contact the Association.