Reserves and production

Peat Reserves 

In total, 1.7 billion tonnes of peat can be found in Latvia's peat deposits. There was 145.7 million tonnes of peat in the peatlands where peat is currently being harvested (LEGMC, State Ltd.). 

Data source: Central Statistical Bureau, LEGMC, LPA (y. 2023) 
peat_extr_2014-2023_lpa_.jpg (75,19 KB)    peat_extr_1940-2023_lpa.jpg (85,85 KB)  Source: CSB of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

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Latvian Peat Association has entered contract No. SKV[1]TL-2022/26 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for support of the measure “International promotion of competitiveness” program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.