Why Become a member

  •  LPA is the only organization in Latvia representing the interests of peat industry both on national and international level.
  • LPA is following the development of policy planning documents and regulatory enactments and turns to the relevant ministries, if corrections or additions are necessary.
  • The opportunity to participate in member's meetings, where urgent issues important to the Latvia's peat industry are being discussed and decided.
  • Also, most of the Council's meetings that are held on a monthly basis, is open to all members of the Association.
  •  Sports Games. The Association believes that togetherness of the Association members and health of workers are essential. To promote above mentioned, since 2003 Latvian Peat producer's Sports games is organized.
  •  A possibility for a reduced membership fee to participate in the Baltic peat producers' forum and to meet annually with peat producers, processors, buyers, etc., not only from the Baltics but also from other countries in the world. Each year, the Forum is organized by another Baltic country. Forum participants examine topical themes within the peat industry, exchange information, get acquainted with the work of a company or go on a tour to a place related to bog or peat.
  • Since LPA is also a member of the International Peat Association (IPS), then all members of LPA receive the latest news about issues related to bogs and peat from all around the world. Also there is an opportunity to engage in any of the SKA Committees and to keep track of their activities. Every four years, the International Peat Association organizes the International Peat Congress, where members of the LPA have the opportunity to participate for a significantly lower membership fee.
Latvian Peat Association has entered contract No. SKV[1]TL-2022/26 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for support of the measure “International promotion of competitiveness” program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.