Peat extraction certification

In order to ensure the quality of peat products and the use of bogs as environmentally friendly as possible, the Association has developed and introduced an extraction site and plant certification system (KRASS). 

KRASS certificate aims to improve quality of bog production and to promote rational, as environmentally friendly as possible peat extraction, processing and transportation according to current requirements within the European Union and Latvia. KRASS Certification Committee, composed of experienced professionals, carry out inspection of peat extraction site. The criterions for the certification of peat extraction sites and processes are set in the following fields:

  • required documentation;
  • determination of peat extraction site in the area; 
  • hydrotechnical system and technical condition of peat fields; 
  • preventing weeds growing on horticulture peat fields; 
  • compliance with fire safety requirements; 
  • compliance with environmental requirements; 
  • qualification of personnel; 
  • considering the work safety and labour rights.

If also your company wants to certify the peat production site or receive more detailed information about certification, please contact the  Association .
Here you can get acquainted with the unofficial translation of the  PEAT EXTRACTION CERTIFICATION REGULATIONS  .


Latvian Peat Association has entered contract No. SKV[1]TL-2022/26 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for support of the measure “International promotion of competitiveness” program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.